Guiding executives and management teams through change and inspiring them with new insights to unleash their full potential.

Research tells us that change efforts in business often fail because the unconscious fears and feelings of the teams remain unknown.

I work with executives and their teams – in and outside the boardroom – to realise business transformations of all kinds by revealing the unconscious emotions around the change process.

Together, we unleash the energy required to break down boundaries and limiting beliefs that produce resistance. Together, we create positive energy for transformation to emerge that can become the bedrock of your organisation and culture.

In business, I’m known for spotting the long-term consequences of decisions long before anybody else does. It’s my gift to see far beyond the obvious, and to offer original ideas and insights.

Tap into 30 years of experience

Tap into my 30 years of experience to realise business transformations of all kinds. This could include resetting your strategy against fierce competition, seeking new points of differentiation or recharging your culture with new ways of working.


Bring out the best intelligence, analysis and intuition of a board and all its members.


Become an impactful leader who inspires teams with a fair and engaging style that can deliver lasting results at speed.


Build high performing teams inspired by a shared vision that leverages each member’s individual strength in supports of the group’s achievement.


Master the language of culture change to effectively influence people’s habits, expectations and perceptions.

Value creation

Learn strategies to powerfully define, measure and manage the value-creation process over the long-term.


Learn to leverage people, assets, capabilities, and processes to enhance your business performance.

How it works

Individual and group sessions are based on acclaimed methodologies developed at INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Receive clear analysis of your team’s collective performance and potential. Get a plan to achieve your shared business goals, including clear metrics to track performance.

Psychometric analyses offered as needed, developed with the University of Ösnabruck in Germany.

Consulting is typically delivered over the course of six months, with options for alternate durations.

What are Psychometrics?



Psychometrics are scientific, evidence-based tools to help guide you from where you are now, to where you aspire to be.

I use them to:

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